Podcast Resources

On this page you’ll find links to podcasts discussing game audio and composition.  In addition we’ve provided additional podcasts which we feel are valuable to the skills required for our industry.

Video Game Music and Composition Podcasts

Top Score Podcast
Excellent, professional podcast broadcast on NPR from Minnesota Public Radio which almost exclusively interviews game composers by Emily Reese.

Soundworks Podcast Collection
Professional collection of podcasts which include video game composer interviews, along with aspects of post-production sound design and music in film.

Meet the Composer Podcast
WQXR program which has interviews with various composers with an emphasis on modern composing. Great for composing techniques, but not focused on video games specifically.

ScoreCast Podcast
Excellent podcast on scoring primarily for film, but includes discussions about business, tools, composing and more.

Joon-Media Podcast
New podcast hosted by Emily Reese focusing on game music featuring interviews with composers, producers, and designers.


Video Game Sound Design Podcasts

Game Audio Podcast
Excellent podcast about game audio with multiple contributors talking about game audio, news, and implementation.

ToneBenders Podcast
Great podcast about sound effects recording for games and film.

Beards, Cats And Indie Game Audio Podcast
Game audio and music podcast focused more on the indie side of game development including business issues.

Bleeps -n- Bloops Game Audio Podcast
Excellent interviews with composers and sound designers working in video games.

Game Audio Hour Podcast
Another excellent podcast featuring interviews with composers and sound designers working in video games.

Sound Design Academy Podcast
Podcast which focuses on all aspects of game audio with an emphasis on sound design, but also includes music, voice over, and business resources.

Vancouver Film School Podcast
Excellent education related podcast following the progress of VFS sound design students by Gordon McGladdery.

Related podcasts from around the web discussing various aspects of music and sound creation.

Sound on Sound Podcast
Podcasts published by the editors of the magazine Sound On Sound with excellent tips, news and reviews.

Simply Recording Podcast
Good podcast on the recording aspects of music with recording, and mixing techniques.

JunkieXL Tutorials
JunkieXL video blog with studio setup, DAW tips and compositional methods.