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In the tabs below you’ll find job hunting resources and articles about how to find work.

Below you’ll find a collection of articles from around the web which offer advice about how to find work in our industry.

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Game music jobs and game sound design jobs

How to be a video game music composer

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How to Break into Game Audio

Getting Your Music Placed In Video Games | Diy Music Biz | Do It Yourself Music Business

Below you’ll find a list of leading video game industry web sites and their corresponding job boards:

GameAudio101 Jobs

GamesIndustry Biz Sound/Music Jobs


Game Audio Job Feed on Twitter

GameJobHunter Blog

DevBrada Game Job Listings




Below you’ll find various game developers and their related help wanted pages.  Many composer jobs are not listed on these sites, unlike sound designer and audio director positions.



Bethesda Studios


Blizzard Entertainment



Disney Interactive

Electronic Arts

Epic Games



Infinity Ward




Bandai Namco

Microsoft Studios

Naughty Dog




Square Enix

TellTale Games




Warner Bros.


Here is an excellent site to show the game developers and publishers in your city: