This page contains a list of all podcasts and video interviews that we have conducted here at Designing Music NOW.  There are three ways to enjoy the content, on YouTube, Streaming via Mixcloud, or simply download the episodes and take them with you.

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DMN Podcast Ep. 1 - Brian Schmidt


DMN Podcast Ep. 2 - Karen Collins


DMN Podcast - Ep. 3 - Penka Kouneva


DMN Podcast - Ep. 4 - Garry Schyman - Part 1


DMN Podcast - Ep. 5 - Garry Schyman - Part 2


DMN Podcast - Ep. 6 - Gregg Lehrman


DMN Podcast - Ep. 7 - Shota Nakama


DMN Podcast - Ep. 8 - Jim Bonney


DMN Podcast - Ep. 9 - Adam Levenson and Ollie Glatzer of Somatone Interactive


DMN Podcast - Ep. 10 - Son Thomsen and Ken Black of Sonokinetic


DMN Podcast - Ep. 11 - Jason Graves: The Music of Far Cry Primal


Designing Music NOW Podcast - Ep.12 - Interview with Chance Thomas at GDC2016


DMN Podcast - Ep. 13 - Mike Peaslee - Co-Founder of Soundiron


Download Link for Designing Music NOW Podcast - Episode 14 - Interview with Ondrej of VirHarmonic


DMN Podcast - Ep. 15 Supermassive Games' Audio Director Barney Pratt talks Until Dawn


DMN Podcast - Ep. 16 - Composer and Audio Director Steve Horowitz


DMN Podcast - Ep17 - Composers Elvira Bjorkman and Nicklas Hjertberg of Two Feathers Studio


DMN Podcast - Ep18 - Composer and Educator Guy Michelmore of ThinkSpace Education


DMN Podcast - Ep19 - Composer Rob Kolar


Designing Music NOW Podcast - Ep. 20 - Auditory Neuroscientist Dr. Seth Horowitz


DMN Podcast - Ep. 21 - Elias Software Founders Kristofer Eng and Philip Bennefall