About Designing Music NOW


Designing Music Now is an online magazine by composers for composers. It is a central destination and a portal for all things related to composing music for video games and interactive media. It is a resource dedicated to the art and technology of composing music, with the aim of sharing that information and knowledge in an open and collaborative manner. There is currently nothing like it. We see it as a way to create a community of composers who can support one another in our craft.

It features new and exclusive articles, video interviews, podcasts, news, reviews, and more from the community of composers, educators, and audio directors.

Designing Music has gathered a group of eighteen team members who are thought leaders in the field and who are willing to contribute their time, expertise and wisdom to make this vision possible.

Designing Music has a multi-media focus and supports videos, tutorials, and podcasts,  as well as blogs. We aim to feature students, up and comers, and professionals alike on the site.

We aim to have an international focus, and bring composers from around the world together on this central site to discuss wide ranging techniques and tips for composing interactive music.

Designing Music will be run democratically and the core members will confer to make decisions regarding site content, site policy, and site vision.

We look forward to hearing from you and to having your participation in this endeavor.


Have questions or interested in contributing to the site? Get in touch at info@designingmusicnow.com.