Sam Hughes

Core Team Member/Editor

Sam Hughes – Founder/Editor in Chief of The Sound Architect

In May 2013 , Sam founded award nominated site, The Sound Architect™, with the goal of meeting other audio professionals and sharing their knowledge and experiences with the rest of the audio community. In the same year Sam was selected as one of the first to ever receive the Prince William Scholarship from both BAFTA & Warner Bros. to study MSc Post Production with Post Production at The University of York. Sam graduated in January 2015 with a Distinction and a Departmental Award for achieving the Highest Overall Average on his course. Sam  presented the thesis from his masters at the AES 56th Annual Audio for Games Conference. Throughout his studies Sam continued to freelance as a sound designer and voice actor, as well as writing for BAFTA Guru and sitting on the BAFTA Youth Board.


Most recently Sam has worked regularly with game audio company Sweet Justice on a variety of titles that include mobile and AAA. Before that he also worked on part of the DLC packs for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham as well as some early editing work for LEGO: Dimension.


Sam also runs a monthly meet up in the North of England called Game Audio North or GAN for short. You can find out more at the links below!


Sam continues to enhance and evolve his skills as both a sound designer and voice actor and working in the industry. He does whilst also continuing to run The Sound Architect, sitting on the AES Audio for Games Advisory Board, being a core member of the new site DesigningMusicNow as well as being an active member of the BAFTA Crew Games initiative and the game audio community in general. As if that wasn’t enough he is now embarking on a fully funded PhD scholarship with Intelligent Games and Games Intellegince (IGGI) to study Affect and Emotion Using Immersive Sound Design in Intelligent Games.




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