Richard Warp

Core Team Member/Editor

Composer, Sound Designer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Voiceover Director, Brain-Computer Music Interface applications developer.

Born in Somerset, England to a musical family, Richard Warp moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006.  He is currently an Audio Producer at Somatone Interactive, a full-service game audio production studio based in Emeryville.  Prior to Somatone, he was a full-time composer and sound designer at Leapfrog for over nine years.

Beyond commercial production, he is also active as a composer on the vibrant Bay Area new music scene, with a portfolio of works ranging in scope from solo performance to large ensembles. His work has been recognized with awards from the American Composers’ Forum, the Zellerbach Foundation and the New Spectrum Foundation.

In addition to ‘traditional’ composition, Warp’s practice touches on recent developments in cognitive neuroscience to further extend the boundaries of musical perception, working with the scientific communities of UC San Diego and UC Berkeley to develop new Brain-Computer Musical interfaces (BCMIs) for musical expression.

As an independent music producer, he is actively involved in recording and production for new music events, including true surround sound recordings of contemporary artists and ensembles under the New York-based New Spectrum label.

As an Artist/Producer member of the Manhattan Producers Alliance, he has been working with composer and Grammy winner Steve Horowitz (Super Size Me) to build out a West Coast chapter of this music industry networking organization.

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