Lev Strider


Composer, Singer Songwriter

Lev found his passion for music in the eclectic town of Boulder Colorado.  From street performers to symphony conductors he was exposed to it all.  Over the years he dabbled in it all as well.  Rock singer, jazz keyboardist, and folk guitar he’s written music in every genre, but throughout all this experimentation the one core skill he has always cultivated is music for visual media.  His love of Film and Video Games has inspired him to create music that is provocative, compelling and deeply, emotionally rich.  A graduate   from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA,  Lev received high esteem from his teachers and earned a place on the president’s honor roll.  He has released one album and is currently working on at least a couple more.  Meanwhile he is working on short films, game projects and producing albums for his friends.


When not composing Lev practices Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, watches classic cinema and of course plays video games.