Garry Schymann

Advisory Member

Composer at Garry Schyman Productions

BAFTA-winning composer Garry Schyman is one of the world’s most celebrated voices in video game music as evidenced by his award-winning scores to the BioShock game series, as well as dozens of hit games, films, and television productions. Schyman has most notably given the universe of BioShock (including BioShock 2 and his BAFTA award winning score for BioShock Infinite) its musical identity, scoring the hugely successful game series with a blend of haunting beauty and terrifying unease. He paid playful homage to ’50s sci-fi with his score for the 2005 game Destroy All Humans! (followed by two sequels), accelerated the heartbeat in action games like Resistance: Retribution and Dante’s Inferno, and gave a nod to the hypnotic style of Bernard Herrmann in the mystery game Voyeur. Recently he entered the fantasy world of Tolkien for the adventure game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for which he received a BAFTA nomination. Schyman’s film and television credits span every genre, including classic series like The A-Team and Magnum, P.I., stormy action (Tornado!), thrillers (Horseplayer, starring Brad Dourif), and family horror (Spooky House, starring Ben Kingsley).
Schyman studied composition at the University of Southern California, and learned the ropes of media scoring working with veteran television composer Mike Post. “The most valuable thing a creative person has is their intuition,” he says. “Taking all of your knowledge, your insights and your understanding of music, culture and society, and then really distilling it into a musical idea. It takes place on an inner level of the thinking process that I’m not sure I can even describe but I think we all understand it—that inner voice that is telling us what feels right.”