Ashwin Subramanian

Core Team Member/Editor

Ashwin Krishnan Subramanian, also known as Aks, is an Indian-American composer, producer, and vocalist who composes for video games, feature films and devotional projects. He is best known for his distinctive style of presenting global bass with strong South-Asian influences.

Aks hails from a family of professional musicians and initially studied Indian classical music for several years, learning from renowned musical exponents during that time. He gained additional insight into Indian rhythmic composition as a trained classical Bharathanatyam dancer. In his later years, he began experimenting with music composition across multiple genres, combining Indian classical, folk, and world music elements. This led to a unique opportunity to study under India’s Oscar-winning film composer AR Rahman. In Aks’ time at the KM Music Conservatory, he placed first in his class and was selected to work as an arranger alongside Rahman on several high-profile Bollywood films, including Raavan, Delhi 6, and Adaa.

Aks is the CEO and founder of Eclipse Nirvana, a record label specializing in world music with South Asian roots. His album “The Bhakti Movement” contemporized the works of saint-poets of India. It was released worldwide through Eclipse Nirvana and Sony Music in 2014.

Aks also frequently performs live shows of his original works internationally, having toured the US, India, Singapore, and Africa among other regions. With a background in software programming, he also plays the role of an audio integrator in game projects.