In June 2017, Spitfire Audio released their passion project, Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit. It was a unique library with a very unique sound that didn’t seem to have a proper place in Spitfire’s lineup. It was recorded in a different studio at AIR that was new to Spitfire, but little did we know that, around the same time, Spitfire had recorded a full symphonic suite in the same room. It wouldn’t be until 2018 that Spitfire’s Studio Series came out, but it’s continuing release gives the Bernard Herrmann library new partners in crime. While the library and its functionality have been reviewed several times already, today we revisit the library, talk about its special room and sound, and prime ourselves for reviews of the new studio series from Spitfire. Check it out below!

Bernard Herrmann’s Composer Toolkit is Spitfire Audio’s January Highlight! This means you can go to their website for the rest of the month and get a wonderful 30% off for $349 USD (down from its usual $499 USD)





  • Inspiring instrument combinations

  • Unique articulations and performances. Great player energy.

  • Pairs seamlessly with Spitfire’s new Studio series

  • Tons of great mic positions for pinpoint mix potential

  • Plenty of solid legato patches

  • Tons of FABULOUS FX articulations with dynamic layers and round robins

  • A great addition to traditional orchestral libraries


  • Its uniqueness can be its downfall, i.e. there’ll be times you want the performances in the combos as individual instruments

  • Not very flexible as a standalone/all-in-one orchestral library

  • A few very non-smooth velocity ramps in a handful of instruments, i.e. the Timpani

  • Strange “Extended Patches” organization

  • Some small but glaring bugs in the 1.0 version


Paul Michael Cardon is a media composer with a love for animation and video games. He’s played and performed piano all his life, but has always had an enormous passion for music tech and production. After spending years producing EDM, he moved to LA in 2014 to pursue composing and never looked back.

Paul has composed music for video games, several award-winning animations, custom ad placements, and media campaigns. He has also done sound design and re-recording mixes for many projects.

Check out some of his music here!

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