In this exciting four part video series by Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg), he dives deeply into four extensive cues from the film, Tomb Raider featuring Alicia Vikander as Laura. as well as Laura’s Theme.  Discussions of orchestration, sound design, and the process of how music goes from concept to the Dub Stage are all covered.  Don’t miss the amazing and most in depth tutorials available by the Wizard of Film Music!  Thanks so much to Tom for letting us post these videos here.

Part 1: “The Crypt”


Part 2: Adventure Cue


Part 3: Spooky Cue – Dark Sound Design and Orchestral


Part 4: Ending Battle Cue




Season 1 of Studio Time

In case you missed it, you can revisit Season 1 here.

Season 2 of Studio Time

To view the episodes (a total of 20), head to Youtube  here.

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