Pictured (left to right): Founders Kristofer Eng and Philip Bennefall : Photographer: Annika Falkuggla

-Stockholm, October 20, 2017

The world’s most powerful game music engine just got better. Along with an updated interface and automated musical analysis, they are bringing MIDI back for real.Earlier this year, the Stockholm-based startup Elias revealed their plans on revolutionizing game music with their adaptive music solution Elias Engine (patent pending). Now they are announcing new technology containing many improvements and optimizations tailored for adaptive music on iOS and Android. Aside from the software’s GUI improvements, the singular most important feature update is that of MIDI.

Partnership with Orchestral Tools

Over the past year, Elias has worked on bringing MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) back. The MIDI format has been used since the 80’s in synthesizers, but is mainly associated with the game music from the 90’s, when the technology broke through in the game industry.

To facilitate the launch of MIDI, Elias has secured partnerships with seven of the world’s best sound sample library providers. One of them is Orchestral Tools, whose samples are being used by numerous renowned Hollywood film composers, such as legendary Hans Zimmer. “MIDI is nothing if the sounds aren’t great. Therefore, we’ve teamed up with the best sound library providers in the world to ensure you get the highest quality sounds available”, says Kristofer Eng, founder and Product Owner at Elias.

Last month Elias introduced two guitar libraries from Indiginus. The list of sound library providers joining the Elias platform keeps growing and they will announce them as they become available.


Automated Analysis for Better Musical Transitions


They have also made the core of Elias – the musical transitions themselves – sound even better. Elias Studio can now analyze your audio files and collect metadata which will significantly improve most transitions between levels and variations. By taking advantage of silent sections in the audio, crossfades can be completely avoided in many cases, which will make for even more seamless transitions.






For more information, contact:

Kristofer Eng, Founder & Product Owner Elias, +46 72-301 07 87, kristofer.eng@eliassoftware.com

Elias Software Full Announcement

Elias 3 Trailer



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