Casual Connect 2017 is Seattle from August 1st-3rd is going to be host to a fantastic audio track this year.  Richard Ludlow will be the Emcee of the Audio Track, and speakers such as Brian Schmidt, Guy Whitmore, Michael Sweet, Mike Raznick, Aaron Walz, Xiao’An Li, Dren McDonald, Eric Goetz, and Zachary Quarles will all be sharing their wisdom and experience on a wide variety of topics.



Emcee for the Audio Track will be Richard Ludlow




Sampling of Lectures

Here is a sampling of a few of the talks:

PANEL: Audio Middleware – The Quantum Leap in Interactive Immersion

Audio Middleware such as WWISE, FMOD and Elias has made great strides in recent years, and its adoption in casual and VR games is on the upswing. Leaders in the field join this all-star panel to discuss the benefits of using Audio Middleware. Games that use Middleware have distinct advantages over games that do not. The days of just delivering sound and music for a game are behind us, as the experts on this panel will explain with real world examples.


Creating Immersive Soundscapes in Virtual Reality



This presentation will discuss the challenges and provide specific solutions for creating audio within interactive virtual reality experiences. Audio techniques will be revealed that can be used to advance gameplay in virtual environments while creating a cohesive sense of place. Processes and techniques will be demonstrated for use in the creation of soundscapes in shipping products.




The Future of Audio for Casual Games



As casual games evolve in quality, gameplay, and from one platform to another including MR/VR, audio for these games must also evolve. This includes greater attention to detail, so that it directly supports gameplay and player motivations. Stock sounds and carpeted music will only detract from game experiences that are becoming more nuanced and intimate. As such, audio must become an integral part of these experiences.




There will be fantastic talks from other audio pros such as Mike Raznick, Aaron Walz, Xiao’An Li, Dren McDonald, Eric Goetz, and Zachary Quarles as well.

Check out all the lectures and speakers here:

We hope to see you at the show!


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