It has been called the Renaissance of Television with such fantastic shows as Game of Thrones, Veep, and Breaking Bad. Each year, amazing new series arrive to occupy our minds and impel us to binge watch on stream-able services like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO NOW.  Enter, The Detour, starring Jason Jones and co-written by Samantha Bee on TBS.  This road trip comedy in the vein of a twisted Vacation narrative required special music, and the director of the pilot, Steve Pink (of High Fidelity and Hot Tub Time Machine fame), knew that. He was a fan of the band “He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister” and so he emailed Rob Kolar, co-founder of the group. The band is aptly named as it contains his sister Rachel (Vocals and Percussion) as well as his wife, Lauren Brown (Tap Dancing Drummer), Oliver ‘Oliwa’ Newell (Upright Bass), and Ryan Richter (Slide Guitar).

According to Rob, this email could not have come at a better time, as it was a difficult time in his life professionally and financially. After a very successful first season, Rob has been tapped to score the new season of The Detour and also has a new band that he is taking on the road this summer called “The Kolars.”

Rob’s unique original songs have been featured in many hit series such as Showtime’s award-winning drama “Homeland,”  ABC’s Golden Globe nominated “American Crime,”  the comedy series “Community,” FOX’s “New Girl,”and CBS’s top-rated, critically acclaimed comedy “The Big Bang Theory,”  as well as several more.

Fun fact: Rob is the grandson of iconic British actor Robert Shaw, known for pivotal roles such as Captain Quint in the classic thriller, “Jaws

I was instantly attracted to Rob’s music for its innate cinematic character.  Some of my favorite bands such as Nick Cage, Tom Waits and Lou Reed all come to mind as I listen to his eclectic and eccentric take on life and the road.  He claims inspiration from bands such as Pavement, Spoon, and Wilco as well as Psychadelic bands such as Syd Barret.  As a live act, his bands glow with originality and character, with a hint of the theatrical in all the performances I have seen on YouTube.  His new band, “The Kolars” is on tour this summer – see below for the tour dates and get out and see them if you can!


Video Interview

Track List

Intro 0:00

Background 1:00

Earliest memories 2:20

Transition to writing for TV 4:00

Assistant to Stephen Edelman 5:30

Temp tracks 7:00

Scoring process for Detour 8:20

Detour season two 11:30

How did you land the Detour gig? 12:20

Genres do you want to keep doing comedies? Typecating? 1:20

Get to create original songs 17:40

Comedies often focus on dialog, Detour allows original songs. 19:30

Music: We Won 21:00

Music: Ride 25:00

Music: How I’m gonna get back Home 26:30.

Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul 32:30

What is your recording rig? 31:20

Recording to click?  25:40

Music: Jazzy Hop 38:00

Music: New Room Awaits 38:40

Music: Circus Purple 41:00

Recommend developing a band as a way to get into tv scoring? 42:00

Many way to get music out there  44:30

Bonaroo, Late Night with Craig Ferguson 45:10

Treat every opportunity to share Music as a gift 46:40

A&R in 2016 47:30

Detour album self released 48:30

What other ingredients important for success? Doing god work. 49:40

Video games “Red Dead Redemption” 52:00

Streamable Podcast on Mixcloud

Download Link for Podcast

Here is the download link for the podcast:

[download id=”4092″]

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister

Founded by Rob and his sister Rachel, He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister” has toured the county and played the festival scene. Their song, “Same Old Ground” won the John Lennon Songwriting Award Grand Prize for best rock song.  They have also appeared on Late Night with Craig Ferguson:

They have released an EP which you can check out here.

The Kolars

Rob’s current group, touring now, is lead by himself and his tap tap dancing drummer/wife Lauren. With declared genres such as Desert Disco, Glam-a-Billy, Space Blues, R&Beyond, you know this is going to be slightly off kilter and definitely outside the box and original. Here are the concert dates:


For more info head over to their Rob’s Website or the official Facebook Page.

The Detour

Here is the official trailer of the show:


You can watch the pilot of this irreverent comedy on YouTube here.

And check out more details about the show at their official website.

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