Guy Michelmore of ThinkSpace Education walks the walk.  He has a realistic view of what it takes to become a working composer or sound designer in the industry because he has been a part of this industry, and he doesn’t sugar coat the process.  Michael Sweet (who is the Artistic Director of Video Game Scoring at Berklee College of Music and also has developed his own online course) and I get a chance to sit down with one of the world’s top educators in the music composition and game music composition field and talk about the challenges, benefits, and techniques of creating successful courses and ultimately successful graduates in our field.

Being a successful composer requires a broad skillset and a technical as well as a musical mind.  Talent and perseverance are just the beginning – a thorough understanding of game development, design, music implementation tools, DAW’s, orchestration, and even mixing and mastering are part of a composers toolbox.  And then there are the business aspects and all the tricks and tips of getting started in the first place.  All of this can take 5-10 years according to Guy (and that is after you already have the skill and talent to compose music.)  He recommends that you have a realistic understanding of this, and that you can gradually move the needle from part time to full time if you stick with it and catch the right breaks.

Guy is a multi-award winning and Emmy nominated composer and has 46 credits on his IMDB page including composing for film, games and TV whose clients including Disney, Dreamworks and Marvel. His music has appeared on such projects as Marvel (Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.) and The New Adventures of Lassie.  All the while that he was working on these projects, he has also been an educator at ThinkSpace, which started prior to the rise of the internet (over 20 years ago), and has served more than 5000 students!

ThinkSpace has partnered with The University of Chichester to become the first (and currently only) fully accredited MA and MFA online programs for composing and orchestrating for film, games and TV.  There are three degree programs on offer, and several smaller courses as well as some freebies.

The following degree programs and their costs ($12,95 for MA programs and $20,100 for MFA programs) are detailed in the following links:

One amazing feature of ThinkSpace is that if you sign up for one program, you will have access to the information and lectures from the other programs as well!

Deadlines for the upcoming September class are July 31st, so if you are considering these courses, remember to sign up soon.

Here is a brief description of ThinkSpace from their website:

ThinkSpace Education is an online music school specializing in composing for film, games and tv.

Our film scoring courses have enrolled over 5000 students since we started 20 years ago. In 2015 we launched the world’s only online master’s degrees in composing and orchestrating for film, games and TV. Film scoring schools have a duty to prepare students for the realities of a highly competitive world and the ThinkSpace advantage is we are the only film music school staffed and tutored exclusively by professional working composers and orchestrators.

We also offer short intensive courses starting at under £100 in a wide variety of subjects from harmony and scoring, to orchestral mixing and music technology. They might be short but they’re delivered with the same real-world authority and attention to detail as our master’s programs.

Video Podcast – Interview with Guy Michelmore


Track List

Intro – 0:00

Guy’s Background/ThinkSpace Education Background – 0:20

Work/Learn from Anywhere – 3:30

Industry Growing 10%/year – 4:25

ThinkSpace Program Offerings  – 5:40

Game Audio Community Friendly and Helpful –  9:00

Challenges in Teaching Game Audio – 11:05

100% Retention Rate of Students at ThinkSpace – 13:50

Student Entry Requirement and Background – 15:00

Employment in Game Audio, No Gaurantees – 16:20

Success Stories – 19:11

Business Aspects Taught at ThinkSpace – 20:35

Recommend Internships with Established Composers? – 23:50

Balance of Technology and Artistic Techniques – 25:38

Specific Tools Taught, FMOD etc. – 29:00

DAWS – 31:20

Elias – 32:00

Tools are Always Changing – 33:95

Online Education Challenges – 36:30

Teaching Orchestration Online – 39:25

Sample Libraries  43:30

Difference Between Online and On the Ground Music Education, Collaboration – 45:25

Sound Design Program – 47:36

All Teaches at ThinkSpace are Working Composers and Sound Designers – 50:28

Pricing Models and Free Content – 51:53

Class Schedule, Start in September and January – 52:30

Conclusion: 54:25

Streaming Podcast

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Download Link

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Additional Links and Info

ThinkSpace Website

Guy Michelmore’s Deepwater Blue Music Production Company

Guy’s Recent Music on SoundCloud:


Sound Architect Interview

ThinkSpace Education Launches World’s First Online Game Music and Sound Design Master’s Degree Progams

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