This podcast is a followup to our text based interview from March 4th with Chance Thomas.  We met up with Chance at GDC 2016 and sat down together for our very first live, in person interview.  We spoke about Chance’s musical path to success in video games, his brilliant new book, “Composing Music for Games,” about his musical contribution to the location based VR experience, “The Void,” and we wrap up with his thoughts from GDC 2016.  All this in about 23 minutes!

Distinguished ServiceChance tells us some very interesting stores about his early years as the son of an opera singer, and his musical path from there to becoming a video game composer. This amazing journey included performing on a cruise ship as a duo with his wife Pamela on 126 cruises.  Kismet working again in his life, his very first video game score was one of the world’s first orchestral scores for a Sierra Online Game, “Quest for Glory V,” which won music of the year!  He then delves into the inspiration and process for writing of his book, and discusses some of the collaborators who helped him in the process such as Penka Kouneva, Marty O’Donnell, Inon Zur and even Warren Buffet!  Then we briefly discuss “The Void” and his reflections on GDC 2016.

Also, at the G.A.N.G. Awards this year, Chance was honored with the Distinguished Service Award. Congratulations and very well deserved!!! It was a fun interview, and we hope you enjoy Chance’s humble and holistic approach to life, music and video game scoring!

The Video Interview


Sections of the Interview

  1. Intro: 0:00
  2. Outakes: 0:39
  3. Interview – Musical Backgroud from childhood to video game composer: 2:15
  4. Discussion about new Book, “Composing Music for Games”: 7:46
  5. Discussion about “The Void”: 17:48
  6. Discussion about GDC 2016: 19:45

Streaming Podcast

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Book Signing At GDC

Chance had a book signing at GDC where his book sold all available copies to his fans.

GDC book signing

Additional Links

book cover


About Chance Thomas


Author Aaron Marks once wrote, “Chance Thomas is a composer’s composer. He is musically educated, technically astute and more passionate about music than just about anyone.”

This combination of education, technology and passion continues to drive a successful 20-year scoring career across film, video games and television. We’d like to share some highlights with you:


Lord of the Rings Online may be Chance’s most widely admired work. Each of his compositions is based on years of personal research into the literature – painstakingly crafting instrumental palettes, vocal ranges, stylistic tendencies and emotional conjuring based on direct references/inferences scattered throughout the text. According to Game Developer Magazine, the result is a score, “…drawn from the very pen of Tolkien’s writings, ringing of truth to anyone familiar with its pages.”

Chance has been entrusted with prestigious titles and high-value entertainment properties again and again in his career. James Cameron’s Avatar, Peter Jackson’s King Kong, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Monopoly, Dungeons & Dragons, Heroes of Might & Magic, Left Behind, X-Men and many more. He has a knack for unraveling the unique DNA of each IP, conveyed in music that is both original and unmistakeably expressive of each. That ability continues to win the trust of stake holders and the delight of fans worldwide. See more here.


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