If you will be attending NAMM this year, in beautiful Anaheim California from January 21-24th, you will not want to miss all the Game Audio related talks and events. In this article, we have listed all such events at NAMM this year.

Marathon Man of the Game Audio World, and a Core Team Member at Designing Music NOW, Steve Horowitz is going to be speaking at 4 events on Friday at NAMM this year, and after that grueling day, he will be giving an all day workshop on game audio on Sunday along with his partner at the Game Audio Institute, Scotty Looney.

Here is the schedule:

Thursday, January 21

  1. Audio for Augmented and Virtual Realities – Anthony Mattana – Over the next five years the technological advances and studies revolving around sound and how we experience, consume, and engage with audio is going to transform our lives. Yet surprisingly our smartphones still only record in mono? How will audio influence the direction of AR and VR and what are some of the tools and applications we can look forward to for sound in these new realities. As a special treat, the Oculus Rift VR technology will be showcased!

Friday, January 22

  1. College Music Society/Gen Next Session, “Composing Music for Games: The Art and Business of Video Game Music” Presenters offer updates about the current state of the game-music business, what jobs are available, and how best to prepare for a career in the game industry. Presented by Steve Horowitz, The Game Audio Institute; Scott Looney, Co-Founder of The Game Audio Institute, Teacher at University of California Santa Cruz and the Academy of Art University.
  2. College Music Society/Gen Next Session, “Preparing for a Career in Visual Media-The State of Audio Education in America” A panel comprised of Emmy, Oscar, Tony and Grammy-winning composers and music producers explores the larger issue of how music products and pro-audio industries are changing. Panelists include: Steve Horowitz, The Game Audio Institute; Brian Walker, Audio Director at LeapFrog Enterprises and Owner, Articulate Audio; Jerome Rossen, Composer, Teacher, Pyramind SF; Joe Carroll, Composer and Founder, Manhattan Producer’s Alliance; Sandra Kilpatrick Jordan, Education Consultant and Board Member, Manhattan Producer’s Alliance.
  3. Composing Music for Games –  In this engaging insider’s look at the world of music for games, Steve Horowitz and Scott Looney, authors of the wildly popular and informative book, The Essential Guide to Game Audio: The Theory and Practice of Sound for Games, will supercharge your understanding of how music for games differs from film and TV. Attend and uncover their secret tricks and tips to help you break into this exciting and expanding field.
  4. Making Money in Game Audio – Join game audio gurus Steve Horowitz and Scott Looney, plus a whole host of super human game audio composers and sound designers as they reveal the skills you need to work in the game industry. The festivities start with a fast paced TED style talk and then quickly jump into a freewheeling no holds barred group discussion. Come listen, learn, and most importantly, get your questions answered by this high level group of game industry veterans.
  5. Music and Audio for the Internet and Apps – Jerome Rossen  Step inside the world of creating professional audio and music for mobile devices with a group of top industry pros. What are the important issues to take into account when you’re composing, editing and mixing your masterpiece for the small screen? Join members of the Manhattan Producers Alliance as they discuss creating great audio for hand-held devices.

Saturday, January 23

Music Education Networking Showcases –  Game-based Music Education for the Upcoming Generation-  In each hour-long showcase, eight 5-minute presentations will be immediately followed by a 15-minute networking segment. This lightening-speed format provides NAMM attendees an array of educational knowledge in a condensed time frame. All are welcome to attend Game-based Music Education for the Upcoming Generation The Game Audio Institute is committed to game-based learning for the next generation. Using Interactive media that differs from linear media like film and TV, the game focuses on music education. Their motto is, ‘What better way to learn about game music then inside a game? Presented by Steven Horowitz, The Game Audio Institute.

Sunday, January 24

Game Audio Institute Workshop at Golden West College, Hunting Beach, CA


I have personally taken this workshop, and it is a brillian crash course in game audio.  Richard Warp, also a core team member at Desgning Music NOW, wrote an article on our site about his experience at this amazing workshop earlier this year following AES in New York.  Check out that article here.


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