We are doubly excited at Designing Music NOW this week, as we have the first part of a two part in depth interview with Garry Schyman, and also, Garry has joined our Advisory Team here at Designing Music NOW! Welcome to the team, Garry!!!

Garry Schyman is a rare composer who can claim the trifecta of success – Popular, Critical, and Artistic.  His work is loved by fans of such games as the Bioshock Trilogy, Dante’s Inferno, Shadow of Mordor, and the Destroy All Humans Trilogy. He is one of the most decorated composers for his for video game music, and he is a true composer’s composer loved and respected by those of us who are in awe of his talent and mastery of the craft.

With roots in film and television (he scored a significant chunk of Magnum PI and The A-Team with TV legends Mike Post and Pete Carpenter,) Schyman was one of the first composers to use a full orchestra in a video game for a CD Rom game called Voyeur in the 90’s.  It took another ten years for the video game industry to advance enough to be able to handle full scores again, and they came knocking on Garry’s door for the game, “Destroy All Humans,” which had a distinctive and somewhat comedic 50’s TV style score. His audio director at THQ, Emily Ridgeway, went on to become the audio director at Irrational Games, makers of Bioshock  and the rest was history.

Garry’s award winning work began with his first video game title, Voyeur (A Cybermania Award), then continued Destroy All Humans 1 and 2. Bioshock earned him a total of 9 awards Bioshock 2 won 3, and Bioshock Infinite won 2.  All three won “Music of the Year” from the Game Audio Network Guild, a trend which continued when Shadow of Mordor was released.  When you win a top award for nearly every score you put out there, it shows how much dedication and brilliance Garry puts into every project he takes on.

Garry was generous enough to sit down with Chanel and I for almost two hours, and we discussed everything from how he got started to many of the finer details of aleatoric music (a type of music he uses extensively in which some element of the composition is left to chance.)  We decided to break the interview into two parts, the first of which we are proud to bring you today.  You can either watch the video or listen to the interview as a podcast.

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