Continuing our series of tutorials geared towards bettering your composer/engineer workflow, we will cover how to create a large Pro Tools template for mixing orchestral mock-ups.  I find it’s better to focus on composing and mixing separately, as trying to do both at once will generally slow you down and drive you away from your main task: composing.

I compose in my DAW of choice, and try to make it so that CC automation, panning, and the overall sound is working properly, but concentrate on polishing the mix later to separate the processes.

Because every project is unique, it is best to have a large template you can strip elements off of and get to work quickly, instead of painstakingly coming up with sessions every time you have a project.

When you’re done with this tutorial, you should have a template that will work for most projects, and allow you to quickly improve the mock-ups you will be showing your film/game director.

Make sure to personalize your template to suit your needs!  Later we’ll be delving into large templates for live orchestra and mock-ups combined (hybrids).  Stick around!  Tell us what you think!

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