In this walkthrough video, I briefly take you through the steps necessary to compose and create sound design for implementation into Unreal Engine 4 via FMOD.  I briefly go over:

  • Creating ambience loops in Pro Tools
  • Creating sound design elements with
    • Paul Stretch (
    • Spear (
  • Routing in workflow with Digital Performer and Vienna Ensemble Pro to yield different layers for a vertical remixing approach
  • Drones with infinite reverb in Ableton Live
  • Overview of implementation in FMOD into Unreal


Here is the resulting level:


I’d like to credit one of my colleagues, Kristina Bijelic, a very talented soprano and voice actress who recorded the chant phrases with me for this example project.

I welcome you to visit her soundcloud page to listen to her work:

Further Reading:

I also highly recommend going over the official FMOD tutorial videos, that go in depth about the capabilities the program possesses.



FMOD Education Links

FMOD Training

School of Video Game Audio

Game Audio Institute

About Felipe Tellez

Felipe Téllez, raised in Cali, Colombia, is a composer of classical, film, television and video-game music.  He draws from his knowledge of classical forms, and mixes that with popular music and contemporary scoring techniques.

After studying an undergrad in music production and classical composition at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, he took to Valencia, Spain, where he completed his master’s degree in Scoring for Film, Television and Video-games at Berklee College of Music Valencia.

Read more about Felipe Here

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